Virgin Galactic Stock is in Bargain Territory

What initially seemed like a step forward moving towards significant revenue generation was pushed back as the Company delayed commercial astronaut service to Q4 2022 with ticket prices at $450,000 per seat.

The overflow demand from this group will be channeled into a new space fair program, whose members will be given first access to the next chance of spaceflights when they are made available.

Preparation and anticipation, substantially deep in the impact of transformational experiences, which is why Virgin Galactic focuses on the entirety of the journey, not just the space flight.

This distinctly Virgin approach offers future astronauts a community with access to unique and exclusive experiences that started the moment of sale, continued during the buildup to the flight, and then extend long after.

It has been a great facility for us and we will continue to maintain our presence there, but we also recognize that growing a business requires us to be in locations where we can access additional talent at scale.”

Using the rifle charts on the weekly and daily time frames enables a precision view of the playing field for SPCE shares.

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