This Is the Most Popular Bagel Flavor in NYC, According to Grubhub

That could be the start of a very long discussion in many parts of the city, and while a food delivery service may not be able to definitely share which one tastes the best, it can tell us which one gets ordered the most.

GrubHub released their list of the most-ordered bagel flavors for New York City, and the top answer shouldn't come as much of a shock.

In its latest study of New Yorkers' dietary patterns, Grubhub said that the everything bagel was the most popular one to order on its app.

And while that selection makes sense to many, some of the other top orders may be a bit more surprising.

Rounding out the top five bagel flavors were cinnamon, onion, blueberry and jalapeno.

The information comes just in time for National Bagel Day, which is on Saturday.

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