Spelunky 2 is a brutal, hilarious co-op platformer on Xbox Game Pass

Equipped with your trusty whip, a handful of bombs, and some climbing rope, your goal is the reach the center of the moon in hopes of finding your missing parents.

From swinging between vines to traverse deadly pits to snatching treasure from precarious and almost-certain booby-trapped shrines, so much of what makes this title special comes from its obvious inspirations.

Source: Windows Central Some claim that Mario Party is the ultimate friendship-destroying video game series due to its seemingly random nature and emphasis on comeback rewards.

While it seems easy to let the rage of defeat consume you, I genuinely haven't laughed harder playing a video game with friends in quite some time.

It's tough not to smile when you've just watched your close friends accidentally murder a shopkeeper, a turkey, and your entire expedition with one carelessly thrown bomb.

The new normal A new report from Gartner largely confirms that of Canalys: 2021 was a watershed moment for PCs, though not so great for Google Chromebooks, with demand collapsing.

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