Portland Baseball Team in a Pickle After Mascot Posts Photo Fans Don't Think Is Kosher

The Portland Pickles fielded some unexpected feedback from fans after the minor league team's mascot, Dillon, shared a photo that prompted a tart response.

Some baseball fans found it all too easy to draw rather, ahem, Freudian conclusions about what Dillon might be implying with the image, consciously or not.

The incident even drew attention from popular American candy bar Snickers, who commented on the team's page, "Maybe you need a SNICKLE."

On Thursday, the team revealed Dillon was no longer running the page after the incident drew national attention and headlines.

"Jan. 13th UPDATE: our mascot, Dillon T. Pickle, has released the following video statement regarding yesterdays scandill.

As of Friday, it was back to business as usual for the team, who shared a family-friendly tweet with puppy and kitty pics meant to encourage fans to purchase Pickles merchandise for #NationalDressUpYourPetDay.

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