Is the Arizona Cardinals' Title Drought the Result of a Curse?

Zimner, a 44-year-old lawyer, leads a thriving real estate and litigation practice in New York City even as he comanages a Manhattan chapter of BNI, the networking organization.

Ask an American sports fan to fill in the blank after “Curse of…” and you’d most likely hear “… the Billy Goat” (Chicago Cubs) or “the Bambino” (Boston Red Sox).

The Buccaneers' Offense Works Because of This Man (and Tom Brady): Byron Leftwich has customized gameplans to a hodgepodge of stars, injury replacements and holdovers.

So in early December, when the 9-2 Pottsville Maroons traveled from deep in the heart of Pennsylvania coal country to play the 9-1-1 Chicago Cardinals, it was generally regarded as a title game.

By then, the Cardinals had moved to St. Louis, and president Charles Bidwill Jr. (grandfather of the current team owner Michael) publicly — and dismissively — rejected the idea.

“It probably started in the early 1960s,” said Fleming, a senior writer for ESPN, who noted that Bidwill had dismissed the title claim just as the Pro Football Hall of Fame, which opened in 1963, was asking former Maroons for memorabilia.

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