Google TV exploring fitness, smart home control, and other new features for 2022

While Caruso stopped short of making any specific feature announcements, he said that the company is interested in offering fitness and video conferencing services though Google TV, and better smart home controls.

Caruso called fitness a “big area of exploration,” and cited Android’s recent smart home control changes (which, for example, made them easily accessible from a phone’s power menu) as a clue for what might come to Google TV.

Although the video streaming service is supported on Google’s platform, it doesn’t make use of some of its advanced features.

Caruso didn’t promise that this will change, but said that he hopes the situation will improve as Google builds worthwhile new features into its OS.

Although Google’s TV operating system doesn’t typically get as much attention as its Android mobile OS, it’s still used by millions of devices around the world.

No firm release dates for any of these new features were provided, but Caruso said that he hopes some might be introduced “at some point later this year.”

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