Nintendo Switch

Astroneer on Nintendo Switch gives us good galactic pioneering on the go

While it feels a little odd moving over to a solely gamepad-driven format like the Switch, the port performs well and provides a relaxing sci-fi sandbox to explore, research, and settle.

Adventure Mode is good for newbies as it gives you directions, missions, and guidance to learn the game as you build your base and explore the planet.

The colorful minimalist designed worlds translate incredibly well to the Nintendo Switch and once you’ve got the hang of the controls and their quirks on a gamepad, traversing and building on it becomes quiet the unintentional time sink.

I spent hours checking out missions, consulting my little Astroneer field manual, and figuring out what I needed to do next to make my base a little more cool and my pioneering life a little more easy.

There was a part where I fell down a deep hole away from my oxygen tethers - a mildly upsetting situation because if you die you respawn at your base and have to go collect the items that were left on your backpack.

Outside of occasional jank when things get busy in handheld and some odd early learning curves from a slim tutorial and mouse controls adapted to a gamepad, this game is a rich and pleasing adventure into the unknown.

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