App trends to watch in 2022

Being able to head on over to Huawei AppGallery to search for and download the latest app, whether it be for business, entertainment or something else entirely, makes for very productive, and often fun, experiences.

This reliance will continue to increase as more South Africans realise how easy it is to quickly order meals, dog food and pretty much everything else from their mobile devices.

The responses from these chatbots are increasingly becoming human-like and they can be powerful allies to help people self-service everything from insurance queries to managing school appointments and other activities.

Effectively, it enables developers to create apps much faster as opposed to the weeks and months it can take to write complex code.

For instance, with just a limited understanding of code, tech-savvy business users can try their hand at creating their own apps without having to rely solely on development teams.

All told, 2022 is going to be a massive year for mobile apps as the combination of technology, faster connectivity and consumer willingness to experiment make for very interesting bedfellows.

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