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Rutgers-Temple opener postponed due to flooding from remnants of Hurricane Ida

Piscataway Township tweeted that damaged caused by Ida wreaking havoc on the area has made travel for fans unsafe to Thursday's original scheduled game.

"While Piscataway is a strong supporter of Rutgers University and fervent fans of Rutgers football, if the Rutgers-Temple football game is still going to take place this evening, the township is calling on the university to do so without fans in the stadium," the tweet reads.

"Township infrastructure is overwhelmed by the damage of Hurricane Ida and evacuations are still taking place this morning.

Roadways in the township cannot handle an influx of tens of thousands of people coming to the football game especially with the closure of Landing Lane Bridge."

Rutgers announced all general public tickets were sold out this week.

I tried to look at the votes, and say where is there a clear line of delineation between this group and then the next level.

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