REVEALED: John Kerry sold his shares in OIL firms on becoming Biden's climate czar to 'avoid conflict of interest' - and ...

John Kerry sold off hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of shares in oil and gas firms after he was made Joe Biden's Special Presidential Envoy for Climate - and weeks after warning that mankind has just nine years to save the planet.

Kerry revealed in official disclosures that he has received millions of dollars from salary, consulting fees and from liquidating stock that he held since President Biden took office.

Documents that cover most of 2020 which run up to January 2021 reveal how Kerry, 77, also held hundreds of thousands of dollars of investments in energy-related companies that could well be affected by policies that he will help develop as Joe Biden 's new climate envoy.

Financial disclosures from Special Presidential Envoy for Climate and former Secretary of State John Kerry reveal that he is one of wealthiest members of Biden administration

The disclosure documents also show how when Biden entered the White House , Kerry received the bulk of his income from a $5million salary from Bank of America for his role as chair of its Global Advisory Council.

A disclosure report filed by Kerry show that he served as the chairman of the advisory board for Climate Finance Partners and as president of the Vietnam Sustainable Energy Corporation.

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