Billie Eilish debuts new look on British Vogue cover, reflects on negative body commentary

Teen music sensation Billie Eilish , who has been vocal about how her fame and body image struggles have influenced the way she dresses, is taking a sharp turn from the clothing you’re used to seeing her in.

Speaking to British Vogue in an interview published Sunday, Eilish, 19, opened up about facing a deluge of comments on her looks as an underage teenager and why she has now decided to ditch her signature baggy clothes.

Eilish was previously known for sporting clothes that hid her form – a fashion choice she said was intended to prevent others from body shaming her.

Eilish’s newer image, tied to her upcoming album “Happier Than Ever,” marks a major detour: She ditches the oversized shirts and baggy pants for a photoshoot with form-fitting corsets and lower necklines.

She made it clear to British Vogue there is “no excuse” for men who believe women’s clothing makes it OK to “grab” them, or those who find it ironic that Eilish is speaking out about insecurities while simultaneously baring more skin.

To those who might criticize her decision to fight body image by wearing a corset, Eilish didn’t hold back in her response: “My thing is that I can do whatever I want.”

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