Writers spill on what went wrong with James Franco and Anne Hathaway's doomed 2011 Oscars gig

"It was like the world's most uncomfortable blind date between the cool rocker stoner kid and the adorable theater camp cheerleader," David Wild, one of the writers that year, told the Ringer about Franco and Hathaway's monologue.

Franco and Hathaway had never hosted the Oscars or worked together before, but producers picked them to appeal to younger viewers.

During the monthslong prep, "Anne made herself readily available," Jordan Rubin, another writer for the show, told the outlet.

"I went to her house and worked on the script and she was on a bunch of conference calls and responding to emails and was a great collaborator."

Megan Amram, who consulted on the ceremony and went on to co-executive produce TheGood Place, said that further in the Oscars process, Hathaway pulled her into a storage closet to make sure her material would feature a female perspective.

Franco, an acting nominee for 127 Hours that year, was shooting movies while also knee-deep in academia (he was either teaching or taking classes at three different schools, including Yale).

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