WNBA draft moments: Sports leagues should keep drafting from living rooms after the pandemic

Forced to improvise, networks put cameras in living rooms to capture the life-changing moments when athletes realize their dreams of turning pro.

Instead of the cluster so many predicted, the improvised format made for compelling television with glimpses we otherwise wouldn't get into players' lives.

And players and their families were happy to celebrate from the comfort of their living rooms — which was a benefit to everyone watching from home.

9 pick, Minnesota Lynx) as she reveled in her own highlight reel on a living-room TV while completely ignoring ESPN's Holly Rowe.

And speaking of Rowe, there's a good chance we wouldn't have learned about her French skills were it not for the in-home family interview of France's Iliana Rupert (No.

When the NFL conducts its draft in two weeks, it's planning on a hybrid of the two formats with some prospects showing up in person on a Cleveland stage.

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