The Walking Dead Season 10 Finale Recap: At Last, It's Negan's Turn at Bat

‘THERE’S ONLY SO FAR I CAN GO TO GET OUT OF HER WAY’ | As the final episode of Season 10 began, Maggie was out for a stroll with Hershel, telling him that his grandpa used to like to have a walk the first thing in the morning to get a feel for the day to come.

Shaken, Negan set off the following day to find Lucille at the spot of his last stand; the bat had been left right where it had fallen when Rick slit his nemesis’ throat .

When at last Negan unearthed what he was looking for, we flashed back 12 years, at which point he was tied to a chair and being menaced by the leader of a biker gang (Rod Rowland, who had to have auditioned to play Daryl once upon a time, wouldn’t you think?).

And man, short of with Judith, you’ve never seen a Negan as sweet and tender as he was in the scenes during which he held his wife as she shook from the chemo, softly singing in her ear her favorite song (the aforementioned Joe Cocker classic) and even playfully wearing her colorful wigs.

“I have something to tell you.” On that ominous note, we flashed back another seven months, to Lucille railing at Negan for blowing 600 bucks on “this Happy Days s–t” jacket when he couldn’t get a new job with a misdemeanor-assault charge hanging over his head.

From here on, he concluded, “I am gonna do your fighting for you.” Off that turning point, Negan returned to Alexandria, s–t-eating grin restored to his face, and told Carol his new digs weren’t going to work out.

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