The Fitbit Luxe just leaked — and it's the sleekest fitness tracker yet

At a glance, the Fitbit Luxe looks pretty similar to the $99 Inspire 2 with elongated display and replaceable straps, but there are some telltale differences.

For starters, the straps themselves look a touch more substantial than the type your average Fitbit ships with, and there’s a stainless steel edging around the tracker itself.

Hopefully this won’t impact battery life too much, as the seven-to-ten days offered by Fitbit’s other trackers is one of their main selling points.

WinFuture says that Fitbit is seeking to offer “balanced health in an elegant design” and to that end, it’ll feature the usual functions you’d expect from the company’s devices.

It’ll also track exercise, including swimming thanks to its waterproof casing, and the whole device will apparently vibrate when you reach your desired heart rate zone.

While WinFuture’s report doesn’t mention a release date, the images appear to be official press shots, which wouldn’t exist unless the device was almost ready for launch.

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