The Day Before gameplay trailer shows 10 minutes of zombie shooting and farmhouse looting

The "open-world MMO survival" game looks like it's part DayZ, a smidge The Last of Us, and a bit of The Division thrown in for good measure: explore, scavenge, shoot zombies, and battle other players for resources in cities in the post-apocalypse.

The trailer begins with a radio broadcast lamenting the lost opportunities of the pre-apocalyptic world (with gunshots and snarling heard in the background) before we follow two players in vehicles slowly splashing along a riverbank and driving through a gorge, which shows off some pretty nice looking mud and water effects.

Things get a bit dicier when one player tries and fails to guess the farmhouse's alarm code (I don't know why, since they're already inside the house) and the blaring siren attracts the attention of more zombies, followed by what appears to be enemy players who arrive in a police car.

The two players we've been following escape into some sort of fallout bunker as the trailer ends.

I am still interested, though, because I like those other games, and the idea of skulking through the post-apocalypse, gathering supplies, shooting zombies, and encountering other players continues to hold some appeal.

The Day Before is being developed by Fntastic, the team behind open world survival game The Wild Eight .

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