Chicago White Sox

The best start to a season in MLB history belongs to 28-year-old rookie catcher Yermín Mercedes

Unfortunately, Mercedes' historic run came to an end on his final plate appearance on Saturday, when he flew out to Mike Trout in the eighth inning.

3 on a catcher depth chart" or "28-year-old rookie" didn't clue you into the fact that Mercedes has quite an underdog history, let's just go through the progression of his career real quick.

According to MLB Pipeline , Mercedes signed with the Washington Nationals out of the Dominican Republic in 2011.

For reference, that's 10 times less than what Trout makes on a per-game basis this year.

The young Mercedes entered the Nationals system ... and never moved past rookie ball.

The Nationals cut him in 2014, and he ended up playing in independent ball in 2014, the place you go when none of MLB's 30 teams have room for you in their organization.

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