'Home Team': Netflix Plans Sean Payton New Orleans Saints Movie with Kevin James

The comedian is set to play an NFL coach for his latest role, a Netflix film titled Home Team.

As first reported by NBC Sports’ Peter King , James will portray Sean Payton, the famous New Orleans Saints coach.

Home Team sees James reunite with Adam Sandler , whose Happy Madison Productions will produce the upcoming film, which is being vetted by Payton himself.

After he temporarily stepped away from the NFL, Payton took up a new gig coaching his son’s sixth-grade football team, the Liberty Christian Warriors in Argyle, Texas.

“Connor is a star athlete on the team, but he’s also a sensitive kid who has missed his dad given the coach’s fierce commitment to football over the years, so he’s still skeptical and resentful of his father, though he always defends him,” Collider’s Jeff Sneider reports.

“Even if every team in the NFL was employing a ‘bounty’ system, Payton knew that what he was doing was wrong, dangerous, and ultimately not a good example for young fans who look up to him.”

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