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TCL's New Fold N' Roll Smartphone Concept Can Switch From Smartphone to Phablet to Tablet

At its smallest, it comfortably fits in your pocket as standard smartphone, but if you want to get a better look at a photo or video, you simple unfold it to phablet size.

If you still need more viewing space—to binge the new season of Killing Eve on your lunch break, for instance—you can roll out its display until it’s as big as an iPad.

Although it definitely looks cool, we can’t help but wonder how well it will withstand repeated use, let alone display creasing, which has been one of the most common issues with folding smartphones to this point.

“We’re still exploring the technical specifications, but most importantly, TCL has combined next-generation hinges and mechanics not yet seen in a single device before furthering its continued leadership in design innovation,” Stefan Streit, the company’s general manager of global marketing, said during the event.

LG debuted an exciting Rollable concept at this year’s virtual CES , but before it could make any progress on the device, the South Korean electronic giant decided to pull the plug on its mobile business entirely.

For now, if you’ve ever dreamed of being able to pull a full-size tablet out of your pocket without resorting to wearing cargo pants, TCL might offer your best chance yet.

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