Path of Exile dev addresses “rough” Ultimatum launch

Wilson says this was a result of “human error” because a migration process that’s normally done playerbase wide in the days leading up to an expansion didn’t happen.

A temporary solution was put in, but this caused players to taken out every ten minutes or so, a less than ideal situation for an MMORPG game .

“Aside from catastrophically ruining our launch day, it completely mystified us because we have been so careful with realm infrastructure changes,” Chris writes.

Players sometimes discover problems with their inventory after these sort of server issues in Path of Exile, and Grinding Gear is “keeping a close eye” on anything untoward like this happening.

Some personalities were contracted for two hours of paid playtime on stream on the day of launch, the same length of time as that login queue.

In order to try avoid these creators streaming a login screen for that entire segment of advertising, the “hasty decision” was made to make them a priority.

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