'Hot Ones' Season 14 Finale: Watch Steve-O Soak His Eye in Hot Sauce

For much of the interview, Steve-O was articulate and thoughtful when answering host Sean Evans' questions.

Instead of having kids to preserve his legacy and/or believing in an immortal afterlife after human death, his vast library of video recordings will be the thing that lives on.

Steve-O also shared the origin story of his friendship with 50 Cent and described his Monday Night Raw experience as "the worst beating he every took."

"As someone who has experienced every type of physical pain you can possibly think of, what do you think is the best analogy for the 'Wings of Death' on the spectrum of body discomfort," Evans inquired.

Steve-O somewhat strangely interjected began by declaring Gordon Ramsay the king of Hot Ones, calling the foul-mouthed celebrity chef "an absolute maniac on this show.

Staged or organic, Steve-O's closer made for an iconic Hot Ones Season 14finale.

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