'Queen of the South' Showrunners: Border Stories Aren't the Only Latino Tales Worth Telling

Teresa and the crew she’s assembled over the years have forced audiences to look at misogyny in Latino culture and beyond, the nature of identity, and how white people have been breaking the law for centuries and profited handsomely.

Showrunners Rodriguez and Benjamin Lobato come to the series not just as longtime writers for the show, but with their own backgrounds in the world Teresa inhabits.

Rodriguez, who describes her adolescence as similar to Meadow Soprano, grew up with her father running an illegal numbers racket in New York throughout the 1980s and ’90s.

This last season saw Teresa attempt to expand into New Orleans, and the move away from Mexico compelled the show’s writers to confront the racism that exists against foreigners.

But neither Lobato nor Rodriguez want to duck the issue that remains with shows like “Queen of the South”: At the end of the day, it still presents Latinos as drug dealers.

“At the end of the day she [Teresa] is the smartest woman in the room.” That came as a conscious decision to not make her character more brutal and savage so as to seem worse than a male.

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