Lip Gallagher deserved better than this, Shameless

And while Fiona’s position of responsibility made it difficult to imagine her ever being able to up and leave the South Side (funny story about that…), Lip was always the family’s best chance at someone achieving the class mobility that society tells people like the Gallaghers they should be striving for.

While Ian sleeps peacefully on their air mattress, Mickey rages against the moon, feuds with the people who leave laundry in communal machines, protests the false advertising of model apartment units, and returns to the South Side to fall asleep to the soothing sounds of sirens and street crime.

It’s like when you question something absurd that happens on the show—like the played-for-laughs shot of a victim of Frank and Liam’s blindness con getting hit by a truck—and someone is all “Pfft, it’s called Shameless , you idiot.” And I’m willing to acknowledge that some of my frustration with Lip could be productive, insofar as we are yearning for these characters to catch a break and make their lives better, and there’s value in pushing against that desire.

There are thematic bread crumbs in this next-to-last hour of Shameless that could make Lip breaking down in the midst of trying and failing to sell the house into a meaningful end for his character, but forgive me if I’m not inclined to pick them up off the dirty floors of what the show has become in its final seasons.

There wasn’t much precision in Mickey’s rampage—does he not know what Tide Pods are?—but I could related to his rage at the moon, given that my parents installed a piano window in their bedroom without curtains and my mother entered a lengthy feud with moonlight until they broke down and ordered custom blinds.

The choice to introduce us to Heidi free of context read like a backdoor pilot setup, and I swear if they are seriously implying that Debbie could anchor some type of spinoff of Shameless the writers may truly be living on the moon, because on this Earth I refuse to believe anyone who has kept watching this show would invest in such a thing.

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