Lee Delaney, the BJ's Wholesale Club chief executive, dies unexpectedly.

Lee Delaney, the president and chief executive of BJ’s Wholesale Club , died unexpectedly on Thursday of “presumed natural causes,” according to a statement released Friday by the company.

“We are shocked and profoundly saddened by the passing of Lee Delaney,” said Christopher J. Baldwin, the company’s executive chairman, said in a statement.

Mr. Delaney led the company through the unexpected changes in consumer demand spurred by the pandemic, with many customers stockpiling wholesale goods as they hunkered down at home.

“2020 was a remarkable, transformative and challenging year that structurally changed our business for the better,” Mr. Delaney said in the company’s last quarterly earnings report.

“Bob partnered closely with Lee and has played an integral role in transforming and growing BJ’s Wholesale Club,” Mr. Baldwin said.

Business |Lee Delaney, the BJ’s Wholesale Club chief executive, dies unexpectedly.

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