LeBron James

Lakers Reveal Which Jersey Number Ben McLemore Will Wear

It’ll be good to have the guard see action quickly but the team shouldn’t expect too much from him yet.

The once solid franchise has hit hard times since they traded James Harden .

I just finished shootaround, I’m trying to get acclimated with the guys and plays and things like that, so I’m ready to get started.”

“He just told me how much of a threat I was and that they obviously didn’t want me getting shots, and that he knew that I could come on this Lakers team and bring a big spark off the bench with my shooting ability as well.

It sounds like McLemore is ready to get that purple and gold jersey on but he’s even more excited for LeBron James and Anthony Davis to return to the court.

“It’s another great feeling just to be able to play with the best player in the world LeBron James, and Anthony Davis and all these guys,” McLemore said.

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