New York Yankees

Jordan Montgomery doesn't think tensions are high between Yankees and Rays

Despite what Aaron Judge said on Thursday’ about tensions between the Yankees and Rays being high, Jordan Montgomery doesn’t think so.

In fact, Montgomery, who certainly stirred the pot on Sunday when he hit Rays outfielder Austin Meadows twice, but wasn’t disciplined, thought the “high tensions” narrative was false.

I pitch inside and I lost two balls,” he explained of his outing in Tampa Bay, which started by hitting Meadows his first at-bat.

Aaron Boone didn’t deny there was a heated rivalry, but the Yankees manager explained tensions were high because both teams face each other many times during the season and both look to lockup the same position by the end of the year.

Boone also said he hoped no players would get hit through the remainder of this weekend’s series and that any fighting would be about trying to win the division title.

But this continues to roll over... there isn’t any recourse,” Rays manager Kevin Cash said on Sunday after Montgomery’s pitches went up and in and hit Meadow’s shoulder.

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