In partnership with the Bob Dylan Center and Woody Guthrie Center, the project marks 100th anniversary of Tulsa's ...

Fire in Little Africa addresses the events that transpired between May 31 and June 1, 1921 when a white mob stormed Greenwood, a prosperous Tulsa neighborhood also known as Black Wall Street.

Confronting the past to help inform, heal and inspire through music, the flourishing collective of Oklahoma rappers, singers, poets and producers contributing to the project includes Steph Simon, Ayilla, Medisin and Sterling Mathews.

In announcing the album, Motown Records chairman/CEO Ethiopia Habtemariam said, “ Fire in Little Africa is a powerful and timely project that provides a platform and outlet for the incredibly talented and thriving music community of Tulsa.

Johnson, PhD and manager, Education & Diversity Outreach at the Woody Guthrie Center/Bob Dylan Center and the album’s executive producer, commented, “ Fire in Little Africa has evolved into a communal hip-hop movement.

The album was recorded over a five-day period in March 2020 in studios set up at the Greenwood Cultural Center as well as other sites, including the former home of KKK leader and massacre organizer Tate Brady.

And two podcasts, featuring artists, community leaders and other guests, are available: Fireside with Dr. View HERE and Fire in Little Africa , hosted by Ali Shaw and Doc Free HERE .

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