Former 'Bachelor' Star Colton Underwood to Sit Down With Robin Roberts for Deeply Personal 'GMA' Interview

“There is something that you want people to know, so can you tell us what is on your heart that you want to share?” Roberts asks Underwood in a promo that was released on Tuesday afternoon.

The promo did not divulge any further details about the pre-taped sit-down, but was billed as a “deeply personal interview” with the tagline, “Colton Underwood: In His Own Words.”

While the purpose of the interview is unclear, in the years after starring as “The Bachelor,” Underwood has been surrounded by a fair amount of tabloid chatter.

“It was challenging for me to be standing up for my values and my beliefs, and looking back now, growing up in sort of a hyper-masculine culture as football or a conservative family — which I love them and I share some of the same values and beliefs as them — but it was still a struggle for me to articulate to people or to explain to people, and I always felt like I was on the defense,” Underwood told Variety in an interview in 2020 .

Viewers recall Underwood jumping over the fence towards the end of his season, which has become one of the most memorable and dramatic moments in “Bachelor” history.

She filed a police report with claims that he had put a tracking device on her car, and alleged he would show up uninvited to her apartment and her parents’ home.

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