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Former Bellport star Arella Guirantes chosen by Los Angeles Sparks in second round of WNBA Draft

Originally, the Bellport native was going to be watching the WNBA Draft and learning her fate surrounded by a small group of family and friends at a restaurant in Brookhaven.

She imagined attending the WNBA Draft, hearing her name called and turning to embrace her family before walking on stage and receiving her first professional jersey.

Guirantes, a two-time, first-team All-Big Ten selection, averaged 21.3 points, six rebounds and 5.2 assists this year to lead Rutgers to the NCAA Tournament.

Guirantes played a year at the IMG Academy in Florida, averaging 33 points, before spending one season at Texas Tech and transferring to Rutgers.

"Just growing up and watching women’s basketball players and seeing how inspiring they were to me to keep going and continue to set high goals and go after them aggressively, now it’s all unfolding for me and it’s just a real surreal moment."

"And then just playing with other pro players who are dedicated to working on their craft as much as you do is going to be fun and competitive at the same time, so I think my game is just going to continue to grow."

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