'Sonic Colors' Remaster from SEGA is Coming Thanks to Leak by German Dubbing Studio, French Retailer

"Sonic Colors" may be a game released long ago, but it is not forgotten by SEGA, especially as leaks have emerged about the company developing its remaster from tthe original Nintendo Wii platform.

The last games under the " Sonic the Hedgehog " franchise were released last 2019 for the three aforementioned consoles but are not part of the original storyline of the blue speedster's plot against sinister forces.

Yes, the upcoming "Sonic" title from SEGA would be in a remastered form, and it would be in 3D, particularly from the Nintendo Wii platform that promotes motion to be used with its controller and not just buttons.

According to a French game retailer called " Sogamely ," a listing has appeared on its website, saying that "Sonic Colors Ultimate - Limited Edition" is coming soon for the three consoles from different companies.

However, the company tried to mask this by using a "Sonic Boom" image to hide the idea that it is a leaked game from SEGA.

This means that its story is relevant to the character's plot and storyline, and it is beloved by gamers and "Sonic" fans worldwide.

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