Claudia Jordan ROASTED for tweeting 'RIP DMX' and then deleting it: 'He is still on life support dumb b***h'

Talk show host Claudia Jordan is now being slammed for posting "RIP DMX" without the rapper's family or his attorney making any such claims.

As per reports, DMX still remains on life support in a New York hospital and Wednesday, April 7 will be an extremely critical day that could determine his outcome.

Jordan tweeted, "Rest In Paradise DMX," alongside broken heart, crown and folded hands emojis on April 7.

One Internet user said, "Claudia Jordan tweeting that about DMX and not letting the family announce it if it’s true shows she a sc*mbag type of chick."

One person angrily tweeted, "Someone needs to go and f*ck up Claudia Jordan because they said DMX is still on life support dumb bitch."

The latest reports regarding DMX's heath suggest that although the prognosis does not look good, his tests which will happen on Wednesday, April 7 will determine decisions the family may have to make.

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