Boston Celtics

Celtics flash versatility on perfect 3-0 road trip, adding momentum and cohesion ahead of the playoffs

They flew home after Thursday’s 121-113 win over the Lakers — led by Jaylen Brown’s near-perfect 40-point night — coming off a perfect 3-0 road trip.

Then the Celtics beat the Trail Blazers, one of the clutchest teams in the league, in the fourth quarter, including a late Jayson Tatum 3-pointer to ice it .

Then, finally, the Celtics beat their forever rival in the Lakers, and while the score didn’t look the part, it was a beatdown courtesy of Boston’s starters.

There were still bits of concern that came from the Celtics’ road trip; part of the endless crusade to perfect their game.

Stevens pointed out some deficiencies that came from the trip: The Celtics started great against the Lakers, for example, but sputtered in the opening minutes facing the Nuggets.

Having guys like Tatum, Brown, Kemba Walker, Marcus Smart and others for an extended stretch feels foreign.

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