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Brooklyn Center Church Serves As Haven For All During Unrest

For the fifth night in a row, Kathy Winn and others from her church are preparing to welcome whoever walks in their doors.

READ MORE: Daunte Wright Shooting: Hundreds Gather Outside Brooklyn Center PD For 5th Night Of Protests “It’s not about sitting in a church pew, it’s being out in the neighborhood and showing your love for people,” Winn said.

Just around the corner from the Brooklyn Center Police Department, Lutheran Church of the Master found itself at the epicenter of the calls for justice for Daunte Wright.

And they’re doing that by putting out food and water and letting people use the restroom, take a breath and have a conversation.

READ MORE: Brooklyn Center, Champlin Announce Curfews For Thursday Night She says makeshift medics are using the space as a jumping off point.

A mama duck that church member Aqua Mitchell says she dedicated to Wright’s mother.

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