Athletic Equality Index highlights Division I LGBTQ policies

Conservative lawmakers in more than 20 states have introduced legislation to ban or limit transgender athletes from competing on teams or sports that align with their gender identity.

President Joe Biden signed an executive order on the day he took office on Jan. 20 that bans discrimination based on gender identity in school sports and elsewhere.

1of5FILE - In this March 15, 2021, file photo demonstrators gather on the steps of the Montana State Capitol protesting anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in Helena, Mont.

on Thursday March 11, 2021.Stephen Groves/AP Show MoreShow Less 5of5In a letter to the Human Rights Campaign last week, NCAA President Mark Emmert affirmed the organization's commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Emmert also asserted that NCAA champion host sites must "demonstrate how they will provide an environment that is safe, healthy, and free of discrimination.”

It is formulated based on an audit of publicly available materials from each Division I school, including athletic department websites, student-athlete handbooks and other policy-related resources.

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