National Hockey League

A Not-at-All-Great Eight

But this post, it bears repeating, will not be fun.

But when you yield 25 percent more expected goals than your previous season-high, this is the treatment you get.

In fairness, last night’s 3.54 xGA/60 at five-on-five is “only” the 49th-worst effort a team has put up so far this season (heck, it wasn’t even the worst xGA/60 last night... congrats, Sabres!

data via NatStatTrick The Caps allowed high-danger chances at their worst rate of the season, too, leading to this nightmare of a heat map:

(Also, because literally every Cap that got a sweater last night was on the ice for at least one goal-against!)

Below are the eight goals the Caps allowed, each accompanied by a poll asking you to identify which Cap was the most responsible for the goal (poll options are listed in order of jersey number, uh... just a coincidence, Brenden Dillon).

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