A Million Little Things' Lizzy Greene Breaks Down Sophie's Harrowing Experience with Peter (Exclusive)

ABC [Warning: The following contains spoilers for Wednesday's episode of A Million Little Things and potential triggers for victims of sexual violence.]

It turned out that Sophie's guitar teacher, Peter ( Andrew Leeds ), hadn't been strictly prepping her for her college music auditions -- he had been grooming her to be a victim of his sexually deviant behavior.

Luckily, both Maggie and Regina ( Christina Moses ), the latter of whom is also a survivor of sexual assault, were there to help convince Sophie that she did nothing wrong.

TV Guide spoke to Lizzy Greene exclusively about filming the harrowing episode, Sophie's next steps to recovery, and what she hopes viewers get out of seeing this story unfold as the season progresses.

What kind of prep were you able to do, especially considering the COVID limitations?Lizzy Greene: DJ [Nash, showrunner] actually pitched me this storyline in July of last year.

What are the immediate next steps in her recovery now that the adults in her life know the truth?Greene: Unfortunately, what's really common with survivors of sexual violence is there's the struggle with guilt and shame.

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