A Few Sincere Suggestions for Gutfeld!

Creating a new late-night comedy show that really works is a huge, daunting challenge under any circumstance, and that’s still true even if you’re a well-known Fox News host with an established audience, devoted brand following, massive lead-in, and giant cultural and financial safety net if you fail.

into a cultural powerhouse, a major late-night destination for conservative voices interested in jokes about how Joe Biden is very old, he’s got a big job ahead of him.

You pointed out that he covered up nursing home deaths, you hit on the book-writing ethics violations, and you made fun of him for loving his own voice, but you left so much low-hanging fruit on the tree.

But as a viewer, I can sense that you start wondering exactly what limb you’ve climbed out onto when you tackle the “Amazon drivers pee in bottles” thing.

You drive it right up to the line of being a critique of huge corporations and their exploitative labor practices, and then I can almost see the moment where everyone on the panel looks at each other and is not sure whether to take the next step.

Roasts are fun, but I worry that your seeming delight in offering yourself up to get so thoroughly criticized by your peers suggests a deep, buried self-loathing that you haven’t really examined.

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