'TimeSpliiters 2' Easter Egg Code Finally Cracked In 'Homefront Revolution'

On Monday, April 5, "Homefront: Revolution" developer revealed new information regarding an easter egg he has been hiding for a long time.

(Photo : Screenshot From @IGN From Twitter)'TimeSpliiters 2' Easter Egg Code Finally Cracked In 'Homefront Revolution'

According to Eurogamer , a developer of the game "TimeSplitters 2," revealed earlier this week, a fully playable version of its sequel was tucked away in "Homefront: Revolution."

The significant easter egg first surfaced over the weekend, where former Homefront: The Revolution developer Matt Phillips explained the "TimeSplitters 2" cameo expected to appear was initially intended to be fully playable via an unlock code that was never made public.

According to the Polygon , modder, and hacker Lance McDonald worked on reversing-engineering Homefront: The Revolution menus to figure out the entrance.

According to Perreault's tweet, players wishing to squeeze some more TimeSplitters 2 action out of their time at Homefront might want to try entering the code into the game using an Xbox controller.

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