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The NBA All-Star weekend might not be Luka Doncic's best showcase and that's OK

The NBA has finally discovered the secret to slowing down Luka Doncic — put him in competitions that don’t matter.

He lost his only round of the Skills Competition and somehow played 31 minutes as a starter in the ensuing All-Star game and didn’t record double-digit numbers in either points or assists.

Doncic is at his best weaving his way through defenders, throwing impossible passes and creating offense near the rim through contact — not the type of stuff that thrives in a meaningless exhibition.

I pondered this thought on Twitter and I’d like to repeat it here: How many times does Luka score 20-plus points in his All-Star game career?

There were no minute restrictions in this one and Luka still seemed content with smiling and having fun sharing the floor with fellow superstar peers.

There are worse things in life than being a fan of a player that coasts through an All-Star weekend and then drops daggers in the playoffs a few months later.

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