Second Sight Eyes 1500%-Plus Gains on FDA RP Treatment Approval

Shares of Second Sight Medical Products ( EYES ) - Get Report surged on Tuesday, racking up additional double-percentage-point gains following the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of the company's treatment of retinitis pigmentosa, better known as RP.

RP is a rare genetic disorder that involves the breakdown and loss of cells in the retina of the eye.

It causes vision loss that worsens over time and can eventually lead to blindness.

Second Sight’s Argus 2s is a set of external hardware, glasses and a video processing unit that assists in offsetting the effects of the condition.

The Argus 2 is a tiny implant that goes in behind the eye and is then combined with patient-worn camera glasses to help provide a form of vision the patient otherwise would not have.

The unit converts images captured by a miniature video camera mounted on the glasses into a series of small electrical pulses that are transmitted wirelessly to an array of electrodes implanted on the surface of the patient's retina.

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