Randy Orton Realized Promos Are Important Last Year, Explains He Had Always Prioritized His In-Ring Work

In an appearance on “The Broken Skull Sessions,” Orton revealed that he only realized how important promos are in 2020, nearly 20 years after his WWE debut.

“I’ve been around, but the promos, they were always mediocre, and I was concentrating on the in-ring stuff, and I did that for years,” said Orton.

Orton then explained that he didn’t fully appreciate the importance of promos until early last year, when he started feuding with Edge.

“The Viper” described how this rivalry allowed him to tap into real feelings and deliver the best promos of his career.

“The Viper” recalled how he took a different direction with the storyline because he “wasn’t feeling” the way Vince McMahon wanted him to characterize his frindship with Edge.

The full episode of Orton’s appearance on “The Broken Skull Sessions” is available now on Peacock and WWE Network.

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