PUBG Mobile India and PUBG New State release in India: What is happening right now?

In fact, Prakash Javadekar, union minister for information and broadcasting, at an event held recently, said PUBG is an example of a violent game.

As a part of making up for what possibly led to the ban on PUBG Mobile last year, Krafton has replaced blood spill in the game with the green-hit effect, which is also something that Game for Peace -- the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile -- features for the Chinese audience.

The game will also have screen-time measurement tools along with the ability to impose restrictions on how long PUBG Mobile India can be played.

Krafton’s corporate development boss Sean Hyunil Sohn said that the company “will work hard to make it (the launch of PUBG Mobile India) happen.” However, Sohn did not provide a launch timeline for PUBG Mobile India.

And the lesson Krafton learnt from that incident is reflected as PUBG: New State is not associated with Tencent Games or any other third-party company.

Krafton has repeatedly said it is trying hard to bring back PUBG Mobile to India while ensuring compliance with the Indian government’s directives.

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