NCIS Season 18 Episode 10 Review: Watchdog

He and Fornell bringing down the opioid kingpin only to have Emily, Toby and Diane's daughter, end up overdosing on NCIS Season 18 Episode 9 had to be a real body blow.

And once the old lady pointed him in the direction of Stana, his attack was destined to happen, especially after he found the drowned dogs in the pond.

Vance tried to run interference for Gibbs by producing a fake lawyer to buy the team some time to find convincing evidence against Stana.

Kasie finally found the evidence they needed to tie Stana to the dead dogs, in part thanks to McGee's inadvertent body cam video.

Fortunately, Vance had continued to work behind the scenes, visiting Coyle at home, where his two rescue dogs lived, resulting in a vague inspector general's report.

After a couple of encore weeks, this will be a chance to see what the show looks like without Gibbs since Mark Harmon isn't yet signed for NCIS Season 19.

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