Mayans MC: The Biggest Moments From Season 3's Super-Sized Premiere

Mayans MC revved up for a new season on Tuesday, after more than 16 months off the air — and since we last saw the motorcycle club in 2019, things have gotten bad in Santo Padre.

The club is barely moving a fraction of the product it used to, the Galindos’ agro-park is in limbo now that they can’t get any supplies from Mexico, and Santo Padre at large is suffering economically while Border Patrol agents line the streets to detain undocumented immigrants.

Later, some members from the Tucson charter go to Santo Padre and insist they need a supply of heroin in order to protect their men who are in prison.

THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT | After getting his hands on some Oxycontin to relieve the pain from a recent eye injury, Coco now appears to be hooked on the stuff, even willing to trade his daughter’s iPad for more pills when he runs out.

But Miguel isn’t all that concerned about the agro-park ordeal, anyway: Not only is he cheating on Emily with Mexican governor Sederica Palomo, but he’s still distraught over his mother’s “suicide,” and he even goes to Dita’s therapist to try and get intel on why she took her own life.

But the therapist insists she can’t reveal details of her sessions with Dita, much to Miguel’s fury, and he later enlists Nestor and Paco to murder her while she’s out on a dog walk.

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