I Have Questions About…Pete Davidson's Fake Marriage & Bodega Cats

It sounds like something out of an SNL sketch : Pete Davidson, of Somehow Managing To Date Women Out Of His League fame , is caught up in a fake marriage announcement.

A staff bio for Davidson appears on the Bodega Cats Presents website , stating that he's Co-CEO and Co-Founder along with Mootreddy, that they go by they/them pronouns, and that "cleverness, comedy, and creativity are just three of their many superpowers."

The comedian famously had a whirlwind five-month engagement to Ariana Grande in 2018 after about a month of casually dating, shortly after splitting from Cazzie David .

We are investigating and considering all legal and equitable remedies.” PRNewswire, who originally sent out the blast, sent a follow-up note telling news outlets to disregard the press release because it could not be "verified."

My partner is involved in other projects, and other organizations where this could be a conflict, so it was my fault for not making sure I double-checked with all the appropriate parties before moving forward with the press release."

Bodega Cats Presents (like Mootreddy themselves) replied: "Look, at the end of day, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and we have a reoccurring theme of discrediting and oddly, a lot of prosecution alluding to our co-founder being 'mentally-ill' We know our truth - you may feel otherwise & that’s okay - and if we need to go to court to prove this, then we will.

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