Ferrari launches new car with two-tone livery

Ferrari has launched the car it hopes will return the team to the front of the Formula One grid this year following its winless campaign in 2020.

It is not clear whether the Mission Winnow branding, which first appeared on Ferrari's F1 cars at the 2018 Japanese Grand Prix, will remain on the SF21 at all races this year.

There has also been a focus on regaining the engine performance lost between the 2019 and 2020 seasons following a series of rule clarifications, with the team reporting improvements in all areas of the power unit as well as changes to reduce the size of the packaging at the rear of the car.

"When we started the SF21 we had to choose right away which part of the car we'd give our attention to to make a radical change," head of chassis Enrico Cardile said.

"Aerodynamics was one of the areas impacted by the changed regulations, intended to reduce the capacity of developing vertical downforce, making sure the tyres remain intact.

So we developed a new front wing that works coupled with a newly conceived nose, but the chassis and the suspensions are the same as the SF1000.

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