'DOOM Eternal' The Ancient Gods Part Two—New DLC Reveals First-Look, What to Expect

" DOOM Eternal " has revealed its next DLC expansion cover art called "The Ancient Gods Part Two" which would debut its first teaser trailer next week, March 15, showing the first gameplay action of the title.

Bethesda Softworks has been teasing a whole lot of "DOOM Eternal's" latest expansion DLC that is coming for the game, and part two of it would still bring the action-packed goodness of the title.

Bethesda has been through a massive change in the past year, especially after it has been acquired by Microsoft , and is speculated to have an exclusive deal with Xbox on future releases, but was eventually scrapped.

However, instead of keeping quiet about it and deleting it, the company followed up with a teaser tweet that showed its first cover art.

"DOOM Eternal" may have been a young one in the gaming industry, but it surely aims to expand its world more for its fans and enthusiasts.

Players are made to wait until next week Monday for the first teaser trailer of The Ancient Gods Part Two expansion pack, but the initial screenshots and photos reveal a lot for the game.

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