Chrome vs. Firefox: Which Internet Browser Is Better?

Chrome was able to overtake default browser options like Internet Explorer and Safari in just a few years partly because it's clean, easy to use, and overall pretty fast.

It's got all the basic options we expect from browsers in 2021, from a straightforward bookmarks toolbar to the ability to open and even group way more tabs than you'll ever realistically get to before you decide to purge them and start over.

One of my favorite UI features is the "overflow menu," which can house as few or as many extraneous buttons (like print or fullscreen) as you want without them cluttering up the basic toolbars.

The eternal struggle was convincing Internet Explorer users to switch to Firefox because, at the time, IE was notoriously akin to a screen door on a submarine when it came to keeping viruses out.

And Google's parent company, Alphabet, rakes in dozens of billions of dollars in online ad revenue every fiscal quarter.

Chrome wins in terms of extra bells and whistles because it was built to take full advantage of Google's vast ecosystem of services.

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