Batwoman Boss Breaks Down Those Kate Kane and Ryan Wilder Twists, Teases a 'Sadistic' New Big Bad

This week’s Batwoman delivered a dramatic hour that finally resolved the season’s big mystery: Whatever happened to Kate Kane?

Sunday’s aptly titled episode, “Survived Much Worse,” found both Ryan and Alice, traveling seperately, on the island of Coryana in search of Kate, who disappeared in that plane crash at the beginning of the season.

Alice claimed she wanted to kill her sister once and for all, while Ryan, who was dying from the Kryptonite wound, was resolved to save the ex-vigilante at the risk of her own life.

The episode’s final moments were a series of jaw-dropping revelations: Alice stabbed Ocean in the heart in exchange for her sister, only to learn from Safiyah that Kate was never on the island; Alice retaliated by torching the Desert Rose fields; Ocean survived the stabbing since Safiyah infused the blade with Desert Rose essence; Penny informed the Bat Team that body parts matching Kate’s DNA were found, and now they think she is truly and sincerely dead; and Ryan’s plant is actually a Desert Rose, meaning she now has the cure for her wound.

Showrunner Caroline Dries opened up to TVLine about that huge Kate Kane reveal, what’s next for Ryan after being on the brink of death, and the new big threat that’s headed to Gotham.

We hinted that Angelica gave the plant to Ryan, and it will make sense that Ocean, who knows Angelique, had given her the buds from the Desert Rose that he took off the island for safekeeping.

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