Young Rock Premiere: Grade the Debut of The Rock's NBC Biopic Sitcom

In an interview with Randall Park — who’s ditched acting for journalism, it seems — The Rock hits back at claims he’s a Hollywood elitist, insisting that he’s had to work hard for everything he’s ever gotten in life.

Young Dwayne (Adrian Groulx) grew up around famous wrestlers like the Junkyard Dog, the Iron Sheik and Andre the Giant, who brings a case of wine with him to a friendly card game.

Teen Dwayne (Bradley Constant) really wants to show off for a girl named Karen, so he takes his life savings of $103 and buys a car from a scary customer at the pizzeria where he works.

It’s a total beater that barely runs and only plays the opera station on the radio, but Dwayne’s determined to “work the gimmick.” He gets a surprise, though, when a homeless guy named Waffle wakes up in the car’s backseat.

When he gets to the weight room, College Dwayne (Uli Latukefu) learns his dad has already been there to talk him up — and made up a lie about father and son appearing on a Wheaties box together.

Dwayne tries and fails to keep the lie afloat, but he wins over his new teammates by pumping serious iron, breaking the freshman bench press record to the tune of Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train.” From then on, The Rock learned his version of working the gimmick: “Be me, but with the dial turned up to 11.” He promises to tell Randall more stories about his past in future episodes, too… like when he brought Andre the Giant to career day at school.

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